Exterior Honda Odyssey

honda odyssey 2013
In view of the exterior, the All New Honda Odyssey looks luxurious and alluring with multireflektor HID headlight design and the design of its front grille and bumper. While on the other hand, LED combination lamps in the rear with the stern makes MPV mainstay Japanese manufacturer looks more classy and quality. But unfortunately, invisible fog lamps perched on the body of the MPV class All New Honda Odyssey.

For the interior, Honda's MPV cabin has little resemblance to that of the Honda Freed windshield design with equally wide and sloping. All New Honda Odyssey cabin can also accommodate up to 7 passengers simultaneously without compromising passenger comfort.

Besides entertainment features such as 3D panel and a premium audio system with touch screen also adds luxury when driving with the All New Honda Odyssey. Not to forget, three-zone cooling units also make it more comfortable MPV Honda while driving for drivers and passengers. Interestingly, gear lever All New Honda Odyssey is placed on the dashboard allows the driver to drive a family MPV made ​​by Honda.

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