Interior Honda Accord

interior accord 2013interior accord 2013interior accord 2013
interior accord 2013

Man maximum, machine minimum. That filosfi adopted Odyssey designer when creating the car's interior. By continuing to rely on the concept of 'low-floor platform', Honda created a cabin with the theme 'V-shape'. The goal is to be able to accommodate seven passengers comfortably and provides a broad view to the front. Steps to be taken quite simple: the rear passenger is seated higher than the passenger in front of him.

Dashboard is designed with the concept of slope to the front. Honda called 'wave shape design'. The shape feels futuristic and not boring. The instruments are mounted easily seen with the easily recognizable and accessible. Meanwhile, features such as 'ambient light' that glow blue and door trims are equipped 'optical fiber door trim' which also fluoresces blue, make passengers more comfortable, especially at night.
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