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Experience the ideal balance between large Power and fuel efficiency of the i-VTEC engine is the standard engine from All New Honda City. Various advantages such as 5 - speed automatic transmission, Torque Boost resonator, Shift Hold Control, Drive-By-Wire, and updated suspension structure, will produce quick acceleration, engine strong and tough, as well as ride comfort. Enjoy the driving experience is not forgotten with the All New Honda City.

  • Standard Dual Front SRS Airbags, At the time of a frontal collision, the front airbags will inflate immediately to reduce injury to the driver and front passenger.
  • ABS, EBD and BA, Features ABS (Antiloc Break System) to prevent wheel lock-up Honda during sudden braking. Features EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) distributes braking power according to the load, while the BA (Break Assist) helps to make it more effective braking.
  • G-CON (G-Force Control Technologi) and ACE, Honda original technology that can deliver great and absorbs shock from impact and keep it safe and keep the cabin intact and ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), provide comprehensive protection to the passenger cabin although a collision with a larger vehicle size.
  • Pretensioner and Load Limiter, Collision Occurs When hard, pretensioner will tighten to keep the body in place to prevent movement of the chest forward. Load Limiter function reduces excessive pressure on the chest so as to prevent injury
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