Interior Honda Civic

  • Driving in the All New Honda Civic is now more comfortable with a variety of features and designs that are designed to provide convenience and comfort for the driver and passengers.
  • Smart Key System: Smart Key allows the rider when opening the door. The key is stored in the pocket and with existing sensors on the Smart Key, locks the door will open when the hand is in the door handle. Similarly, to open the trunk, the lock will open when approaching and just press the button. If the battery runs out can still open the door manually.
  • Auto AC: Air Conditioner which can automatically adjust the amount of airflow and temperature levels that provide high efficiency and fast cooling time with just one touch
  • High Efficiency AC: Space cabin more comfortable with Air Conditioner system that cools the entire cabin to quickly and evenly.
  • 8-Way Power Adjustment * Sear: The ideal driving position according to the convenience that can be set easily by setting a sitting position almost all directions.
  • Thin Seat Back: Design the back of the front seat passenger was made to follow the curve of the foot, thus giving a relief of leg room for passengers in the back seat.
  • Flat Floor : Flat floor design to provide more space in the cabin

  • Multiplex Meter: Leveling advanced dashboard design gives the impression of a luxurious modern and airy. Multiplex Panel Meter storey futuristic, like a cockpit in an aircraft display information clearly while driving. Equipped also with bargraph to monitor fuel consumption in real time.
  • i-MID (Intelligent Multi-Information Display): Trip more enjoyable with complete information is displayed on the i-MID is equipped with a 5-inch color screen which is easily monitored for displaying various information such as fuel consumption, audio settings and vehicle security systems, to display personal photos as wallpaper. All functions can be controlled directly from the Steering Wheel-Mounted Control.
  • Steering Wheel-Mounted Control: Settings button located on the steering wheel, allowing the driver to set various functions such as audio settings and menus on the i-MID without releasing hands from the steering wheel.
  • Integrated Audio System: New audio system that integrates with the dashboard and can be controlled from the Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls provide convenience to choose the desired source of entertainment (CD, MP3/AAC/WMA, made for i-Phone and i-Pod) equipped with SVC (Speed ​​Sensitive Volume Compensation) which can adjust the audio volume with vehicle speed automatically.
  • One Push Button Ignition: The keys are easy to turn on or turn off your vehicle engine with just one touch, giving the sensation of sporty and modern.Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel. Steering wheel can be set to adjust your posture so as to give the rider more comfort.
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