Interior Honda Odyssey

Interior odyssey 2013

Complete your travel convenience with the feel of luxury and the best technology that is designed exclusively for you. Dashboard design a story with Wave Shape shape gives the impression of a modern, futuristic, and exclusive

All New Honda Odyssey is equipped with operation panels are easy to reach and ergonomics, as well as storage of the highest quality that are specially designed to pamper passengers with premium features are very easy to operate.

2.4 L DOHC i-VTEC PS/6500 180 rpm and 22.2 rpm kg-m/4500

Configuration DOHC 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine is a combination of engine performance VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electric Control), VTC (Variable Timing Control), Torque Boost Resonator, and DBW (Drive By Wire) which is able to regulate the open and close electronically in terms of the intake valve timing and lift optimally. The maximum engine performance with an increase of 20 PS Pwer, so the engine is more powerful and has a high torque, this combination produces a maximum power and fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Transmission 5AT 
For a smoother gear shifting and a more sporty performance. 
D3 System Settings button activation Transmission 
Equipped with the D3 system startup settings to increase the transmission power can be adjusted to the situation and better travel conditions for rapid acceleration, engine brake, and a variety of other road conditions. 
Grade Logic Control and Shift Hold Control 
Shift Hold Control systems regulate migration and integrated computerized transmission with Grade Logic Control that regulates the transmission shift based on speed and acceleration on the road winding to increase driving comfort and fuel efficiency. 
Cruise Control 
Convenience feature that allows you to rest the legs a constant speed when driving. 
Independent Double Wishbone Suspension 
All New Honda Odyssey uses Independent Double Wishbone suspension front and rear, giving a very high stability for your comfort in driving.

All New Honda Odyssey comes with providing the perfect combination of a revolutionary machine that can produce maximum power, low emission environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. With the point of the center of gravity provides stable performance level sedan for maximum safety and comfort

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